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Welcome to the

Nepal charity walk & work hub

See how the team are getting on, from the training to trekking

Staying on track

Our dedicated blog will keep you up to date on how our 24 K2 family members are getting on with the expedition and volunteering programme.

Every step of the way

Follow the two groups; one embarking on the Everest Base Camp Trek, the second heading into a number of remote villages surrounding Pokhara, a city in central Nepal, to help refurbish local schools.

Who's heading to Nepal? Are they walking or working? Are they ready?

Getting to know the 24

Find out more about the 24 brave K2 family members that are taking on the physical and mental challenge of this Journey to raise awareness & funds for the K2 Foundation.

Where & when

See where the teams will be throughout the expedition

Follow the links below to see where the teams will be. Both starting in Kathmandu they will part company and head to their own adventures, reuniting back in Kathmandu 18 days later.