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A summary of Day 7 of K2’s Everest Base Camp Trek from walker Natasha Wannenburg

Today we started our trek off with extreme cold at -7 degrees, we set off through the mystical forest of Deboche and headed off on a cold and windy trek. 

Additionally, today was a difficult day as a few of our team members unfortunately fell ill and had such a lack of energy, nevertheless, all of them showed resilience and pushed through until the very end, they took it step by step and we are all extremely proud of every one of them! 

We stopped for lunch at Mountain Summit Lodge & Restaurant (4040m above sea level) where we had a glimpse of the sun giving us some warmth. 

Thereafter we set off on the second half of the trek and finally reached our destination for today and tomorrow, as tomorrow we will be having another acclimatisation day. 

As we arrived at Dingboche (4350m above sea level), a cloud of misty weather set over us and the cold is really starting to creep in now! 

Tonight we will all creep into our warm sleeping bag and hope all that fell ill will be recovered by tomorrow in order to join on the acclimatisation day.

A Summary of Day 7 of K2’s volunteering project in Nepal from worker Emma Kerslake

The volunteers started their day by watching the sunrise over the mountainous backdrop of camp, with Starbucks sachet lattes in hand (courtesy of Martini and her impressive snack bag!) 

After Nepali style pancakes for breakfast, the volunteers headed into the local village to see where the school children lived. During their morning adventure, the volunteers visited homes which had to be rebuilt due to the earthquake – some of which were only half complete. They also came across an array of animals, including goats, buffalo’s, chicks, hens, cows and a tiny puppy. 

After the adventure, it was back to work as usual, with half the team spending the rest of the day digging foundations for a new septic tank and the other half continuing to paint the old school building.

As the day drew to a close, the bonfire was lit once again. But unlike last night’s cultural celebration consisting of dance, singing and a local boy drumming, tonight was just the volunteers and school staff. An early night lay ahead, as the volunteers settled into their tents for the final night of camp life!