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As part of the K2 Foundation’s drive to support a broad range of charities around the world, each of our global offices are encouraged to nominate a new partner charity each year.

These charities will benefit from the fundraising and volunteering efforts of team members in the nominating K2 office for a full calendar year, and often beyond. Whilst the Foundation tries to avoid being too prescriptive about the type of charities that should be chosen, all of the organisations should in some way support children’s education, and be making a positive impact where they operate.

For 2024, K2 France have chosen to partner with Une Vie de Ouf. Une Vie de Ouf was founded in September 2017 as a tribute to Jonathan, a young man who had suffered from a rare genetic disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa since birth.

Epidermolysis Bullosa is a group of rare diseases which make the skin fragile and cause it to blister easily, for example when something rubs against it. There is no cure for the diseases and people with severe cases of it have a life expectancy ranging from infancy to 30 years of age.

Despite suffering from EB, Jonathan was determined to take every opportunity that came his way and to experience life to the fullest. He moved to Paris to fulfil his dream of becoming a journalist, securing a position as an announcer on SNCF radio. Tragically, during the summer of 2017, Jonathan passed away following complications around an illness. In tribute to him, his friends founded the association Une Vie de Ouf – ‘Ouf’ is an anagram of Fou, which means to live a crazy life.

Une Vie de Ouf has two key objectives:

  • To make the dreams of children who are suffering from rare and incurable diseases come true, surprising them with something that they thought would never happen.
  • To pass on Jonathan’s message of courage and strength; leaving “pity” aside and helping affected children and their families find their own path to happiness.

How does the association operate?

  • The association asks for the dreams/requests of children who are suffering from rare and incurable diseases to be sent in to them.
  • Each request is studied and, if possible, fulfilled using funds raised through donations, memberships, sales of UVDO clothing/accessories, and organised events.